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Crafted with Care

Quality & Materials

Sourced ethically, quality materials, made in Italy

Our pieces are carefully made with high-quality materials, sourced ethically to ensure fairness in the environment and in the supply chain. Emphasizing craftsmanship, the pieces are exclusively made in Europe. Our approach is the commitment to no waist and no overproduction, aiming to minimize the environmental impact. 

This thoughtful production strategy also guarantees  that each peace is long lasting and timeless.

Our brand identity

Our pieces are defined by their feminine silhouette, showcasing corsets construction that accentuate the waist and enchants the body’s natural curves, offering a nod to the timeless allure of structured elegance.  

Fluid shapes flow effortlessly, draping the body in a celebration of soft lines that speaks to a modern yet timeless sensibility. 

Often the dresses are characterized by their strategic slits and cutouts, placed on the legs or back, to reveal just the right amount of skin. Each piece in our DNA is a testament to the poliedric nature of femininity, crafted to highlight the multifaceted beauty in every movement.