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The World of Silvia Astore


Silvia Astore is an eclectic Italian designer and entrepreneur living between London and Ibiza.

Right after graduating in law, Silvia changed her career path in order to pursue her lifelong fascination for fashion and art. This brought her to work for a selected contemporary art gallery. However, her lifestyle and instinct for traveling, persuaded her to launch in 2017 the eponymous brand.

Known for her versatile style that seamlessly blends sexy elegance with an edgy and cool aesthetic.

Passionate about her craft, she draws inspiration from the sophisticated urbanity of London and the free spirited island vibes of Ibiza.

Her work reflects a polyhedral approach to fashion, who appeals to those who appreciates a blend of glamor, edge and a touch of unconventional.

Creative process

The demands of Silvia’s ideal muse are fulfilled in sophisticated alluring and fearless garments, inspired by the designer’s own life style.  

A meticulous attention to detail and strong commitment to ethical practice. Her designs embodies a conscious effort to blend style with sustainability. Silvia’s stylistic imprint is defined by evening dresses with cutting edge patterns,  captivating fabrics and feminine silhouettes designed for a contemporary and sophisticated woman.

 The creations have been inspired by the idea of making every woman feel at ease and true to herself.